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Making Your Valentines Special

Whether you get behind Valentines day or not, why not make some time to show your loved one with a little flair in the kitchen. It is considered by many that a way to a mans heart is through his tummy, though i must say- i have known it to be the same for woman, though you have to know what she does truly enjoy and no guessing.

With Valentines day falling on what would seem like the hottest part of the year, unfortunately it means you are probably going to be leaning towards something a bit light and to keep it regional also, why not look into a Summer Seafood dish.

The beauty of working with seafood is that there are so many menu choices that you can prepare in advance to take the bulk amount of last minute work away so you can actually enjoy your special dinner.

Why not consider the following:

Local Prawns wrapped in Prosciutto with Olive Oil Mash & Pesto Drizzle

Crispy Skin Salmon, wiltered baby Spinach, seasonal Veg and a White Wine Beurre Blanc

Home Made Pavlova with Mango & Passionfruit

The simple time saving concepts behind a menu like this is that you can essentially pre-wrap the prawns, make the pesto and then focus on the mash at Entree. The Salmon is a last minute job, while you can have all of the veg prepared in advance and then just cook as required and then the Pavlova bases themselves will need to be made that morning, while you can whip the cream and slice the fruit early too and then just build the desert once ready.

Enjoy!! and if your truly trying to impress, why not make some home made truffles