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Money for Jam

Now I know this is an old school saying, but why is it such a foreign concept in our city? I’m referring to the Bundaberg Regional Councils recent introduction of the new fee base around just that- cooking foods from home and selling them at the markets Etc.

I did have to laugh tho as the day that the Newsmail ran the paper was the very same day I had been making guess what?- Mulberry Jam.

The concept that probably frustrates me the most is this time old process of putting time and energy into preserving foods has been around for centuries and in many lands had been considered a way of bartering for products out of season or when cash was tight. The Newsmail focused on 1 particular man or situation that highlights that Jam makers aren’t going to get rich making 25 jars of jam a month, yet why are we imposing a fee on a hobby of love?

Whilst I’m a realist and appreciate food safety and the likes, when do we actually take a minute to realise that “red tape madness” is going to kill our culinary tourism or at the very least, the observation from our passing tourists that we are surrounded by food and yet we don’t seem passionate about it?

More than happy to hear balanced view points on both sides!

Fresh Herbs Vs Dried- Which is better?

Wow, couldn’t this open up a can of worms? For me personally i have always been trained and led to believe that fresh is best. Dont despair though if your not in a position to grow your own as the Master Foods of the world are forever expanding their range, their prices are generally the same from store to store and with dried, you never have to worry about the seasonal side of fresh is best!
Im sure you all agree though, that the smell of fresh, ripped Basil is one of Culinary excellence and a scent and flavour to transfrom what could have been a bland version of pasta sauce.
We encourage you all to start off with fresh basil or parsley as without being rude, they are both very easy to look after and will take some punishment for those of you that say your too busy to tend to the garden.