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The Caffeine Bug

I must admit, coffee has always been an integral part of my life,though never really wanted to admit just how much. With a recent purchase of a Nespresso “pod” machine, I have a new found love for coffee- though I think it’s more to do with how many Flavours there are available in those little pouches of punch.

Whilst only weeks old and the novelty wearing off, I still need my morning starter of a long black and for the first time in my life will actually admit to now enjoying a decaf before going to bed.

If you actually spend a few minutes to think how far the coffee world has come in just 10 years, you would realize that instant coffee is probably struggling to keep its place on the super market shelves and is being overtaken by innovation and the expansion of what I’m sure is a saturated market place of choice and machine styles.

I do however still find it amazing that you can buy a coffee machine with virtually any budget and coffee Flavours to suit.

Would love to hear your recent coffee adventures!