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Food For Fork has been inspired by all of you out there that enjoy the taste of fine food and not just the tasty morsels that you have enjoyed in the gourmet restaurants across the country, but for the adventurers in all of us that like to mix things up; blend flavours and go even as far as experimenting with food.

Dion Taylor is our Lead Food Consultant and he is a qualified Chef, a small business owner in the Bundaberg Region and he has a broad understanding across a number of food, hospitality & tourism related facets.

Food For Fork continues to grow to meet client demands and we have now introducedĀ a “Food Consultant” product to assist with growing pains commonly seen in small & medium sized businesses typically needing assistance with systems development and staff training.

Food Consulting has also allowed the operation to include Commodity promotion & Export Product Positioning amongst itsĀ  portfolio of client services.

Food For Fork is literally your one stop shop for anything hospitality as if we don’t have what you are looking for, we will assist you to source it.

As a proud member of Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, we recommend you click HERE to uncover the spectacular diversity of this region and all of the passionate food related business in the Bundaberg Region.

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