Moooovvvvveeeee Over- Here comes Baffle Dairy!!

It’s easy to think about quality Milk products when you live in Australia and you have access to a cross selection of flavours, grades, brands & sizes.

Well, when i recently attended a number of supermarkets in Hong Kong, i was surprised to only see 1 Australian Milk company displaying their wares.

In the Bundaberg Region, we have one of Australia’s best possible milk brands on our very door step- Baffle Dairy and how brilliant would it be to be able to say “That comes from my home town!!”.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks were sitting on the shelves in the soft drink aisle, so im looking forward to one day walking into an international grocery store and seeing Baffle Dairy with pride of place amongst the dairy section. Keep up the good work Baffle Dairy!!