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Have you considered a Private Chef for a Celebration?

Just Launched!! Book your very own Private Chef today.

Welcome to the Southern Great Barrier Reef where your culinary tourism dreams can & will come true. For so many of you, having your own private Chef is merely a wish, well at Food For Fork, we have teamed up with local producers & processors to ensure that we can deliver you an affordable, yet exclusive foodie opportunity that you can enjoy in your own apartment while relaxing by the beach.

Our accomodation partners are excited to share this opportunity with us and when you contact us to reserve your Private Chef, we can liaise with the Hotels for you to secure the date.

Having a private chef allows you the flexibility to choose from one of our menus listed on our website or if you have any particular cravings, let us know and we can custom a menu to suit you.

The Bundaberg Region is proud to be known as the Salad Bowl of Queensland, and better known here locally as being the beginning of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, where you can snorkel, dive, day trip to an island or simply relax by the beach.

Call us today to discuss your preferences and book your Private Chef event for your next holiday.

Local Bundaberg Chilli Prawns

When the river meets the paddock, you end up with a subtle flavour sensation of that sweet salty seafood flavour that a prawn can seduce us all with and then throw in some heat & punch from a locally grown Bundaberg Chilli and it’s what i call a Simple, yet seductive dish.

I typically prepare these tasty morsels as a canapé for our private catering events and I’ve been told by numerous clients who have suggested they don’t eat prawns- “they were amazing!!”

For me though, the two key elements to this dish are seasonality and local and whalla- thats it!!

Where to Find your Seafood?

In the Bundaberg region alone there are 3 great seafood facilities:

Grunske’s Seafood, Ocean Pacific Seafood & Red Shed Seafood

For me, each of them have their own signature seafoods, though collectively they are nothing short of spectacular for us as consumers.

You see, you dont need to price shop them- its already well priced at each of them, the freshness is paramount and the friendly staff at the three of them makes the shopping experience for local Bundaberg Seafood a breeze.

So when you’re thinking of an easy bbq snack, then grab:

1kg of local Bundaberg prawns, 2 Aust Chilli Red Cayenne chillies, 2 Aust Chilli Green Cayenne chillies, 4 Gin Gin garlic cloves, some Claxton’s olive oil & salt & pepper.

Picking Bundaberg Strawberries

Dion picking Strawberries in Bundaberg
Dion picking Strawberries in Bundaberg

Whilst Strawberries have been grown in the Bundaberg Region for over 10years, it’s still exciting to head out to a local farm and pick your own punnet, like i did at SSS Strawberries.

There is an amazing sense of picking your own, while looking under the leaves, playing in the red dirt and ofcourse, enjoying the satisfaction of tasting some amazing fruit as you go.

Strawberries are indeed a gourmet seasonal treat that should be enjoyed whilst they are here and then the idea of locally made Jam or bulk buying some seconds strawberries and freezing them down for Strawberry breakfast smoothies should kick in as a second & third favourite- Yummo!!

Strawberries can be utilised in a number of creative culinary ways, and yet at home, the kids seem to enjoy them the most- straight from the punnet.

How about hosting a chocolate Fondue Strawberry party? Strawberry Daquiries, Strawberry & Banana Breakfast Smoothie or the absolute favourite of a baked Strawberry Cheesecake.

SSS Strawberries are on the corner of Rosedale Rd & the Bundaberg Gin Gin Highway heading North.

Money for Jam

Now I know this is an old school saying, but why is it such a foreign concept in our city? I’m referring to the Bundaberg Regional Councils recent introduction of the new fee base around just that- cooking foods from home and selling them at the markets Etc.

I did have to laugh tho as the day that the Newsmail ran the paper was the very same day I had been making guess what?- Mulberry Jam.

The concept that probably frustrates me the most is this time old process of putting time and energy into preserving foods has been around for centuries and in many lands had been considered a way of bartering for products out of season or when cash was tight. The Newsmail focused on 1 particular man or situation that highlights that Jam makers aren’t going to get rich making 25 jars of jam a month, yet why are we imposing a fee on a hobby of love?

Whilst I’m a realist and appreciate food safety and the likes, when do we actually take a minute to realise that “red tape madness” is going to kill our culinary tourism or at the very least, the observation from our passing tourists that we are surrounded by food and yet we don’t seem passionate about it?

More than happy to hear balanced view points on both sides!

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

When I first met John and Mary I must say- it was an overwhelming welcome from both sides- they had the passion and belief in their products and I was soon convinced by them and then by the undoubtedly crisp Flavours from within their oils and olive products!

Back to the oil- they have recently released a cold pressed olive oil and don’t question my authority on this topic, rather-  grab a large refillable bottle that you want to overflow with this honey nectar and start looking for some high quality, flavour packed recipes that will blow your mind once combined!

Whilst your there, ask about their Cholli, their tapenade and their punchy infused oils- you won’t regret it!

Local Figs

You know what’s amazing? It’s the idea behind knowing that the Bundaberg region is very fortunate to be home to not only local, but bloody brilliant fresh figs. After a recent trip to Regional Flavours in Brisbane, south bank- I was pleasantly surprised to see such plump, scented and again surprisingly out of season Figs.

And now knowing that I can buy these in my own back yard- so to speak, it’s almost impossible to get away from the family expectations of glazed fig Creme patisserie tarts.

Call into their Alloway farm and ask for a tray of their best! Tell em Bundy Pride sent you!