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Pasta Plus!

Its funny how all the foodies love watching old italian movies where the “Nonna” is in the kitchen hard at work making her very own pasta and yet we all see it as such a distant idea.

Well let me share with you that making pasta is not such a big feat. Its more about passion for food and taking the time to learn how it all works. Its not quite as simple as throwing everything in a bowl and mixing- well almost, but its making sure the eggs are fresh- using the right flour- not being too heavy handed with the oil or water or salt and just having some fun!!

What about the magical topping? Walk through the basil patch, use the local truss tomoatoes, chop some fresh garlic, onions and just make it all come together.

Simple is often the best and how’s this- you get to take the recipes learnt home with you at the end of the tasting session.

See you there!

Olive oil vs Vegetable Oil

This is often a very debatable topic, though often forgotten are the qualities of both oils. Due to the fact that both oils have different heating qualities, both oils have different flavours and i believe different uses all together. Not to mention the extra virgin olive oil, extra light, cold pressed etc……

Who buys oils based on brand alone?

Who makes their own salad drsssing and what oil do you use?

Who cooks with oil and if so with which one?

So many questions and always happy to discuss further.

Why attend a cooking class?

Let me ask you some questions:

  • Do you enjoy the fresh flavours of fine food?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining with friends and want to lift the bar?
  • Do you get frustrated not being able to make the recipe look like the one in the book?

These few points are just some of the reasons why joining in on one of “Basic Principle” classes will help overcome any frustrations or cramping of culinary style.

All of our classes are run with small group sizes to ensure the student:chef ratio arent compromised and we pride ourselves in using local ingredients so that when you leave the classes you know that you will be able to go out and replicate the exact same dish without any dramas.

Come and walk through our herb garden, meet some new people and enjoy the idea of “You are what you eat”.