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Local Bundaberg Chilli Prawns

When the river meets the paddock, you end up with a subtle flavour sensation of that sweet salty seafood flavour that a prawn can seduce us all with and then throw in some heat & punch from a locally grown Bundaberg Chilli and it’s what i call a Simple, yet seductive dish.

I¬†typically prepare these tasty morsels as a canap√© for our private catering events and I’ve been told by numerous clients who have suggested they don’t eat prawns- “they were amazing!!”

For me though, the two key elements to this dish are seasonality and local and whalla- thats it!!

Where to Find your Seafood?

In the Bundaberg region alone there are 3 great seafood facilities:

Grunske’s Seafood, Ocean Pacific Seafood & Red Shed Seafood

For me, each of them have their own signature seafoods, though collectively they are nothing short of spectacular for us as consumers.

You see, you dont need to price shop them- its already well priced at each of them, the freshness is paramount and the friendly staff at the three of them makes the shopping experience for local Bundaberg Seafood a breeze.

So when you’re thinking of an easy bbq snack, then grab:

1kg of local Bundaberg prawns, 2 Aust Chilli Red Cayenne chillies, 2 Aust Chilli Green Cayenne chillies, 4 Gin Gin garlic cloves, some Claxton’s olive oil & salt & pepper.

Are Hydroponics the way of the future?

Could you see yourself being sustainable and growing your own vegetables?

With so many consumers concerned about the chemical use on our fruit & vegetables these days, let me ask you- Are you growing your own?

While the picture included here is of a commercial test program being trialled overseas, i can see that smaller scales of these hydropnic systems will indeed become trendy quicker then we believe.

As the grower of your own produce, you can not only control the growing process, but you can control seasonality of your produce, the types of goods you consume and to some degree- the speed of eating these tasty treats.

Thinking about food is more than just about your next meal. Think Innovation!!

Bundaberg- Australia’s Food Bowl

Having recently discovered that Hong Kong imports approx 98% of its total food consumption, it made me think about how fortunate we are in Australia and having a seemingly abundant flow of fresh produce.

What many consumers in Australia dont realise is just how much produce comes from the Bundaberg Region and in what quantities.

Goods like Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Capsicums, Macadamias, Snow Peas, Chillies, Herbs etc.

The Bundaberg Region has always been known for its fertile soils, temperate weather and good water security and we can now be proud to be known as growing over 50 different commodities throughout any given year.

This is an exciting opportunity for not only consumers, but for the innovation of a food processing plant to be set up in the region.

What?? Thats right. Why is it that with so much food grown in the region, that we havent considered setting up a processing plant for all of the second grade produce, the “ugly” produce and all of the stock that typically wont be accepted by the mainstream markets.

As consumers, lets demand Australian Processed foods as we are happy with our fresh, yet we dont think twice about eating imported tinned fruits.

My challenge to you is to read the back of all of the labels in your pantry and work out exactly how much imported food you could be switching out with Australian processed goods.