Food Consulting Services

Food For Fork Consulting Services are designed to be interactive whereby one of our consultants will physically attend your premise, perform an overview of your business and provide you with some recommendations to get the most out of your team and your infrastructure.

Food For Fork has always worked close with relevant Industry bodies to ensure best practice standards are seen as the industry norm. Yet upon walking down any main street throughout the country, what is often evident is what is learnt at “Trade School” for chefs is often forgotten when it comes to the implementation in the kitchen. Food Quality Standards, Hygiene principles, Menu Design, Team Work and the likes to name but a few.

It’s the same with Kitchen 5 Star Rating programs that have been introduced in a number of states across Australia. It has always been a concern that the actual implementation of training and this best practice knowledge for staff already in the indsutry, has still some way to go.

Our consulting services are not just for large kitchen teams in hotels, we believe that the traditional Cafe, the local Convenience Store or even a new start up food related business will benefit.

If you are looking to maximise the output of your kitchen, grow a strong & reliable team, raise awarenesss of your brand in the market place and be able to increase your business turn over- then consider calling us to discuss an initial consult to provide you with an overview of the stages you may need to improve.