Hong Kong Food Fiesta

Wowsers. If you’ve never been to Hong Kong before or Asia in general, then you will find it hard to believe how stong the passion is for food within this Culture.

It was amazing to see the variety of food on offer at the Hong Kong Food Fiesta and even more exciting to be able to showcase some of the Bundaberg Regions premier processed food products.

The cooking demonstration showcased Farm Fresh Fine Foods range of Charworks Vegetables & their new Macadamia Pesto along with Macadamias Australia Macadamia Chips & Macadamia Oil on the newly developed Hong Kong Hydroponic Salad greens.

What a an absolute blast to provide so many samples of this very tasty and quick to make “Bundaberg Salad”.

Hong Kong Culinary Judge

It is with great pleasure that i share this journey with you all as this recent experience as a culinary judge was one that reminded me of my apprenticeship days.

As a student we were often subjected to judging panels as a way of improving & honing our skills, though the intimidation was never easy for those involved.

This judging panel however was less formal in nature, though there was still a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place outcome for the 8 groups involved.

Wishing all of these groups the best of luck in their food journeys, wherever that may take you.

Moooovvvvveeeee Over- Here comes Baffle Dairy!!

It’s easy to think about quality Milk products when you live in Australia and you have access to a cross selection of flavours, grades, brands & sizes.

Well, when i recently attended a number of supermarkets in Hong Kong, i was surprised to only see 1 Australian Milk company displaying their wares.

In the Bundaberg Region, we have one of Australia’s best possible milk brands on our very door step- Baffle Dairy and how brilliant would it be to be able to say “That comes from my home town!!”.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks were sitting on the shelves in the soft drink aisle, so im looking forward to one day walking into an international grocery store and seeing Baffle Dairy with pride of place amongst the dairy section. Keep up the good work Baffle Dairy!!