Cold Pressed Olive Oil

When I first met John and Mary I must say- it was an overwhelming welcome from both sides- they had the passion and belief in their products and I was soon convinced by them and then by the undoubtedly crisp Flavours from within their oils and olive products!

Back to the oil- they have recently released a cold pressed olive oil and don’t question my authority on this topic, rather- ¬†grab a large refillable bottle that you want to overflow with this honey nectar and start looking for some high quality, flavour packed recipes that will blow your mind once combined!

Whilst your there, ask about their Cholli, their tapenade and their punchy infused oils- you won’t regret it!

Local Figs

You know what’s amazing? It’s the idea behind knowing that the Bundaberg region is very fortunate to be home to not only local, but bloody brilliant fresh figs. After a recent trip to Regional Flavours in Brisbane, south bank- I was pleasantly surprised to see such plump, scented and again surprisingly out of season Figs.

And now knowing that I can buy these in my own back yard- so to speak, it’s almost impossible to get away from the family expectations of glazed fig Creme patisserie tarts.

Call into their Alloway farm and ask for a tray of their best! Tell em Bundy Pride sent you!