Culinary Tourism in our Region

Im sure if you ask any locals in our region “Do you enjoy living here and do you enjoy food”, they will all be more than happy to share their favourite restaurant, their preferred place to buy their fresh fruit and veg and the likes.

Well what we would like to do is to roll this all into one for not only this regions locals, but for those of you that have travelled to the Bundaberg Region and are looking for an easy, low skill, affordable experience that you can eat at the end of the day!!

Food For Fork cooking classes are offering all of the participants the opportunity to realise how much produce is actually grown in the region, we share hints and tips as to the best places to source these local ingredients and we are working in conjunction with the Bundy Pride initiative to be a part of any food launch that we have, to help showcase our region to the outside world with matching ingredients to cooking techniques, including off shore ventures for exporting. All very exciting.

For more information on Bundy Pride, check out: and register your interest to support it as a business and see just how much we can all benefit from working together to showcase the Bundaberg Region!!

Prawn and Chorizo Salad

This is an easy BBQ classic and I would suggest a brilliant Christmas buffet spread.
It’s very simply sliced and grilled Chorizo, BBQ prawns and good to leave the tails on and then I like serving it with a rocket and spinach salad mix and drizzle with some thyme infused olive oil from Claxton Olives and then the balance of the salad can be made up with whatever you have growing at the time in the garden.
Very quick, very easy and the spice and scent from the Chorizo is brilliant.