Bundy Sweet Potatoes

Why are people so afraid of sweet potatoes? Use them like you would regular spuds! Cooked in salads, make a creamy mash, roast them with some fresh thyme, use them in a curry or just grill them on the BBQ.

Sweet potatoes also have the very unusual ability to be used in both sweet and savory dishes, with a family favourite being sweet potato scones, sweet poato pie and just be creative and you will soon see how diverse they are truly are.

Lettuce- More than a plate filler

While for many there is only one lettuce variety in their fridge- iceberg- this is the one that Nanna puts on her sandwiches or in her salads, though we are also fortunate to have access to so many additional varieties and many grown locally at affordable prices. When your next at your green grocer, consider the idea of mignonette, coral, cos, frissee and when not allowed to grow too big, they still have that great multi purpose use without being bitter.

Summer is fast approaching and this base commodity is a must have for any BBQ, served with pizza or simply enjoyed with some lasagna.

Flex your Mussels, eat the Bug!

Sounds kind of weird I know, though needed a catchy heading to get you interested.
The Bundaberg Region has a vast array of seafood trawlers, some brilliant seafood wholesalers and our fair share of fish and chip shops- but how many of us feel confident to cook it at home?
Well this is a very quick and easy way to appreciate seafood and the vibrant flavours of Italy- tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs and white wine ofcourse.
Simply purchase 500gr Mussels, 500gr whole bugs and then you will virtually find everything else at home or in your vegie patch -onions, tomatoes, chillies, fresh herbs and some garlic.
Place a Hot saucepan on the heat, add some olive oil and sliced onions and garlic. Allow to cook without colour and then add the tomatoes and chillies. Shortly after add the split bugs and a big splash of dry white wine, then cover with a lid for 1 min and then follow closely with the mussels and return to heat with the lid.
You will start to see that the mussels will begin to open after about 3 mins, though will be ready to serve after about 5mins and the mussels fully opened and the bugs having changed orange on the shell and still soft to touch flesh.
Finish with a handful of chopped fresh herbs and check the seasoning of the mix.

Fire up the BBQ!!

A good old fashioned BBQ is something that gets even the boreing taste buds fired up and wondering what to expect when it comes to the plate up.
However, why is it though; that no matter how many bbq’s you go to, you always end up with either everything flame grilled or the total opposite- stewed.
Please don’t take this the wrong way all you BBQ kings and queens, but those round knob like things that you use to start the fire, actually control the heat also.
With all the jokes aside though, the use of the BBQ can be such a diverse way of grilling and when you think outside of the box, you can actually cook every meal on the BBQ and outside.
Think about it- garlic prawns with noodle salad, lamb rump with Mediterranean vegetables and finished with grilled bananas and butterscotch sauce.
If you have any favourite recipes, it would be great to hear from you if your keen to share!! Simply leave a comment and all can see once approved!!

Rockmelons are upon us!

The first of the local Rockmelons are fast upon us. Driving through the region you will predominantly see that the runners are off and racing, the brilliant green foliage a plenty and only today was i able to buy some seconds melons off Burnett Heads Rd at 3 for $1.

Please don’t be afraid to buy from the roadsides in the region, you will soon see the huge trucks branded Coles, Woolies and IGA and all those other names we are all familiar seeing and if you think just a moment about it-paying premium prices at the register.

So what do you do with Rockmelons, especially when they are affordable and in abundance??

Enjoy as:

  • Summer chilled fruit platter
  • Rockmelon and Mint Sorbet
  • Rockmelon & Passionfruit Yoghurt Smoothie
  • Rockmelon with Prosciutto
  • as a fruit skewer and if required- dipped in chocolate
  • and with your morning cereal.
All easy options for the kids to enjoy and after all, if the whole family enjoys fresh fruit, you are more likely to keep it prepared and in the fridge for all to enjoy. Another melon worth keeping an eye out for is the newly released Bel Oro melons that can be sourced from Beemart on Maryborough Street.

Made with Bundy Pride

After the official public launch of this initiative at the 2011 Property & Lifestyle Expo (30th October), it was great to get public feedback and thoughts of clarity that alot of consumers are actually looking to support local growers of local produce and all they need to know is where to buy it from.

Surely this is going to have scream to the local council that we need to see the farmers markets approved in the Bundaberg Region and why wait to discuss it- lets just do it!!

Why is it so hard to appreciate that we are surrounded by local produce, we are surrounded by an abundance of land suitable to establish a potential venue and we now confirm that we are surrounded by consumers that want to know where their food is coming from!!

If the Bundy Grown side of things is seeing this support, imagine the potential we could see behind Bundy Made- the concept behind things that are made here, industry, manufacturing, design and brilliant innovation.