Apple Tarte Tatin

I just love how simple this dish is and with some practice, you will be wanting to have this on your family desert menu after your favourite roast meal.

More commonly in many Tarte Tatin recipes a lot of them ask for red apples, well i actually like the sharpness of the green apples and the fact that they do take just that bit longer to cook can mean that when serving, that the apples haven’t totally broken down and that you do see some structure of what was a Granny Smith!

Simply serve with some good quality ice-cream or a dollop of thick cream.

How to make vegetables tasty for your kids!

Dont get me wrong, i know that kids are always going to be somewhat funny about eating the “colours” from the paddock, though why is it so easy for them to get enjoyment from eating colours from the lolly packet?

In many cases, we have found that this classic Anti Pasto Pizza works a treat to get the kids atleast wanting to try capsicums, zucchinis, onions and even fetta cheese.

The colours that this pizza offers up once cooked are sure to tempt even the fussiest of kids.


Dont be mean, buy some today!!

While it is often joked about that there are kids growing up with have never trying bananas due to high costs, though the balance is returning to the banana industry with our northern counter parts coming back online after the cyclones and flood damage earlier in the year.

There is something about the natural sweetness and subtle flavors that a ripe banana offers a dish or the ability to enjoy naturally as a snack in no time.

Consider adding some mashed ripe bananas to your pancake mix for your Sunday BBQ, not forgetting the family classic of banana cake or muffins or consider the idea of banana in your revitalizing green smoothies, being made up of fruits and greens through the blender.

Is it Aubergine or Eggplant for you?

Often considered a very interesting vegetable to work with because of the various techniques used in preparation prior to use. The salting process of eggplant helps to remove the excess acidity from the fruit when used in Pan frying or working with quite naturally, though due to it’s tendency to absorb flavour, eggplant also has a great use in currys. With it’s high gloss purple skin it makes for great use to garnish any wet dish and can be a very easy and affordable way to bulk out any family meal.

Squash into your diet!

Local squash is now ready available and these bright yellow gems truly finish off the presentation of your evening meal. Be mindful that they aren’t everyone’s favourite veg, though with a little tweaking they soon will be. Squash doesn’t need to be boiled for ten minutes and turned grey, it should be a 5min blanch in boiling salted water, before serving toss through some butter and a little crushed fresh garlic. Enjoy!