The Childer’s Multicultural Festival

I would like to say a huge congratulations to all those food vendors that today truly showed what passion and persistence can deliver.
The flavours were ranging from the good old fashioned rotary BBQ to what would seem distant for many with Japanese foods.
Looking at these purveyors, many were from within a 100km radius and again- thank you to those that came from further afield.
There was one disappointment though, where was the local produce in amongst all of this? I don’t mean to be pointing out the obvious, though we should be proud of our agricultural heritage and culture and I thought this would have been a very prominent opportunity for all our visitors to sit back and enjoy just a small part of what we offer!!
We hope you enjoyed this years festival and look forward to seeing you all next year, same place.

There’s stuffed and there’s stuffed!

To really open up this thought, think back to when you last had the family around for an off the cuff lunch and you sent someone out to grab a roast chook(the emergency feed all commodity) and it was brought home only to discover with no stuffing or one of those cheap and nasty packet jobs.
Well stuffing by no means needs to be neither cheap in flavour nor nasty to taste.
So with this in mind, what happens when you have a roast dinner? Do you reach for fresh thyme, pancetta, garlic and bread crumbs or do you reach for the shake and bake type standard packet job?
My personal favourite is go with the first option, though to go one step further, make approx 150g of garlic and herb butter and push this under the skin of the chicken so that the breasts are covered and sit back and watch the golden skin colour break through.
This is quite naughty, though the flavour combinations do compliment and you will have friends and family talking about it.
Bon apetit!!

This lil piggy

After recently watching the Master Chef episode where pig tails were served, who would have thought that this end of the pig was going to become cool again. From trotters to pig tails, what happened to bacon and pork loins? It just goes to show that thinking outside of the box can do two things- make your guests appreciate just how far you have gone to serve up this tasty treat and to also show them just how far you will go to find an ingredient that isn’t readily stocked in a the standard butchers shop.

If you do consider using secondary cuts in any dish, consider the idea that they dont take the same time to cook. In fact, after much deliberation you will soon appreciate that they will need approx twice the time as a primary cut. Still, yours to enjoy either way!

Asparagus in your home

Many years ago, the thought of Asparagus on the average families dining table used to be a foreign concept, though today it is very much a reality. Prices  during the season can be found as low as 99c per bunch and with most families not familiar with what to do with Asparagus- it would appear that sales are still slower than what you would compare them to with Broccoli or even Zucchini.

Consider the idea of Asparagus being served with your breakfast & poached eggs, Asparagus in a Nicoise Salad in place of beans or even Asparagus being served as a side with any main meal.

Asparagus- its not for everyone, but surely worth trying as the new family classic!!


How many duck eggs are needed in an omelette?

After recently speaking to some folks the other day, they were adoment that duck eggs are the only way to go. Poached, fried, scrambled and the family favourite was the humble omelette.
They actually kept their own ducks due to the fact they couldn’t source local eggs and made light of the numbers game- you need two chicken eggs compared to one duck egg.
So, who keeps chickens, ducks or quails at home?
Buy fresh and Eat fresh and experience the difference!
And buy the way- 2 would be plenty!

Strawberries are in season!!

I just love this time of year with what i feel are all the special fruits being in abundance. The smell of local strawberries when you walk into your local foodworks or IGA and also being greeted by a mountain of colour and punnet sizes.
Strawberries are a very diverse commodity and I would go as far to say they work in sweet, savoury, cooked and raw!!
Consider the idea of a strawberry dacquiri, strawberry & champagne sorbet, balsamic strawberries, strawberry shortcake and the list goes on.
The other advantage of having them grown locally is that you can go to one of the farms and many of them have patches where you can pick your own and what an experience it is. Certainly gives you a new appreciation for how convenient it is to see them in the shops.
Support our local farmers and buy local.

Enhancing your kitchen utensils

Let me ask you this- “How hard is it for you to walk past a hospitality supply shop?” I dont mean a commercial stocked centre, I more mean the ones that stock the little tools like zesters, scales, pasta machines or mortar & pestles. Clearly to go out on an impulse spend and buy one of everything would be fun- though in realism i would suggest if you are becoming a foodie at heart, speak to your preferred outlet and ask if they have a layby option and also if they are prepared to get things in for you.
The easy way to buy things is wait til you find a recipe that you like the sound of and then go shopping!
I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for 15years or so and still love the thrill of the new purchase.
If you are going to be an avid shopper, ask the store if they have a loyalty card or discount system.
Have some fun both shopping and then using your gadget!!

How long can i freeze my soup for?

Once you have gone to great lengths and have created your soup masterpiece- “how long can you freeze it for?”
You will have a few variables. What containers are you storing it in, what the consistency is and the original base- chicken stock or beef stock?
The ideal storage time in the freezer for soup in a sealed container is 6-10weeks.
Upon re-heating, ideally best on the stove in a relevant sized pot, adjust the flavour and consistency and enjoy.

The countdown has begun!!

That’s right folks, less than 1 month to go and we will be up and running and looking forward to showcasing just how much fun you can have in the kitchen, especially when your doing it for a hobby and not to feed the masses.
I know I am looking to share with you the experiences and skills I have learnt from my trade days and some 5 years of cooking in the Uk for some very prestigious hotels and boutique restaurants.
If you are open to new ideas, keen to hone your skills and love the thought of creating taste sensations- then i look forward to meeting with you soon.